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During Summer Vacation Of NC School,  An Employee Got Into An Employment Scam

Guilford County Schools lecturers and workers are on summer vacation for several more weeks, which implies many of these staff are having fun with the day off. Others, like Darlene, are working to make extra cash.

“As a 10-month worker, I attempt to work throughout the summer,” stated Darlene.

Just earlier than faculty let out for the summer, Darlene was on the lookout for a job when she got here across an e-mail sent to her district account. The e-mail was from what appeared to be a co-employee and directed her to a job opportunity and a link.

“I clicked on the link, and it stated you’ll be able to earn (this much) dollars doing surveys,” mentioned Darlene.

Within minutes, she had logged on to the web site, filled out an application, and submitted private information while applying for the job. A couple of weeks later, she went to her mailbox and received an envelope in the mail with a check for $2,850.

“I used to be like wow (they) sent me a check already and I haven’t even begun working,” mentioned Darlene.

The check was from Yakima Federal Savings out of Washington and got here with instructions. She was informed to deposit the cash in her bank account then buy $500 Best Buy gift cards. She was directed to scratch off the numbers and call the corporate.

“That’s after I realized this was a scam and contacted (School District) Human Resources,” stated Darlene.

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