In New York, A Man Was Killed By Ticks Which Spreads Brain-Infecting Disease

In New York, A Man Was Killed By Ticks Which Spreads Brain-Infecting Disease

Probably the most harmful bug in the USA helped kill a New York resident, state health officers reported on Thursday. The man is considered to have died from a viral disease unfold by ticks known as Powassan fever. Although cases of Powassan stay uncommon, it’s certainly one of many tick-borne diseases which might be changing into more common.

Based on the Ulster County Department of Health, the local resident had succumbed to the disease earlier this week. His death additionally marks the first informed case of Powassan in the state this year. The state says it sees anywhere from zero to six cases annually.

“It’s crucial that all resident take each precaution necessary against tick-borne diseases, particularly during outside activities. Residents should vigilantly examine themselves and their pets for ticks and tick bites,” mentioned Carol Smith, Ulster County Commissioner of Health & Mental Health in a statement on Thursday.

The ball shaped Powassan virus is related to other viruses transmitted by six- and eight-legged critters, like Zika, dengue, and yellow fever. It’s unfolded by the bloodsucking bite of three Ixodes species of the tick within the U.S.—the black-legged or deer tick, the squirrel tick, and the groundhog tick; these ticks catch the virus from contaminated rodents. However, of the three species, only the deer tick, which additionally spreads Lyme disease, usually bites individuals. Just like the deer tick, cases of Powassan are sometimes limited to the eastern half of the U.S.

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